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Our Story

Founded in 2021, we quickly found our place on the market by providing quality services for information security with an emphasis on blockchain security, Web3 and smart contract audits.

Due to extensive experience and continuous investment in the team's knowledge, we are able to help during all phases of the blockchain product lifecycle.

Today, we drive industry-leading talent in the area of blockchain security. In addition to a range of attack prevention and forensics services, SecureBlock also offers automated tools that are implemented as an additional security layer during the active development of your web3 product.

We partner with global companies of all sizes, who recognize the expertise, commitment and ability of a group to achieve success.

Legal Information.

Secure Block limited liability company for computer activities and services / Secure Block d.o.o.
Type of ownership: Private
Registered at the commercial court in Bjelovar (MBS 010132745)
IBAN: HR9824020061101128102 (Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Rijeka)
Initial capital: HRK 25,000.00 paid in full
MB: 5682312, Number Tt: Tt-22/3383-2
OIB: 68170225840