Demystifying Smart Contract Audits

SecureBlock provides security solutions for Blockchain, Web3 ecosystem and smart contract audits through an interactive, but thorough process.

SecureBlock Smart Contract Auditing Platform
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We work with companies of all sizes that value knowledge, commitment and the ability to respond to all your challenges.

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EthereumEthereum Smart Contract
EthereumEthereum Smart Contract
EthereumEthereum Smart Contract
EthereumEthereum Smart Contract
EthereumEthereum Smart Contract
Well-established Process

We make the process easier for you through our interactive platform and responsiveness to any concerns.

Realtime updates

Receive notifications and check new findings in real time so you can focus on fixing them.

Secure Report Handling

Report access can be managed from the dashboard and can be shared securely.

SecureBlock Features

Connect with Researchers

We support individual approach for each issue and clients to directly communicate with researchers about identified flaws and how they can be fixed.

  • Individual approach for each issue
  • Communicate and find the best remediation action

Track Audit Progress

Check status of your audit, manage reports, invite your developers and more from a single dashboard on our platform.

  • Manage audit project from our dashboard
  • Invite your developers to participate
SecureBlock Feature

Smart Contract Audit Process

We base our smart contract auditing process on many years of experience and valuable feedback from clients, which we always like to hear.

Information Gathering

We collect publicly available information about the project to better understand its use case and test product-specific attack vectors.

Integrity Check

During this process, we check the integrity of dependencies and confirm their source, and we want to confirm that they are not compromised.

Code Review & Fuzzing

Relying on a manual review by an audit expert ensures finding vulnerabilities that are not easy to spot. With the combination of the automated fuzzing tool, we increase the quality and thoroughness of the audit.


Equally important during the process is report which presents clear evidence, steps to replicate and remediation steps. After submitting the report, we are available for any assistance.

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